' Current Exhibitions - Kim Foster Gallery
Current Exhibition
Spring Forward
April 22 - May 26, 2017

Spring Forward is a rotating exhibition of new work by gallery artists as we undergo renovation of our space.  The current artists featured are:  

Moon Beom’s paintings conjure a mystical world of mountains, cliffs, rivers, and forests that materialize from complex abstractions. 

Sydney Blum’s Icarus series creates the motion and sensation of flying, distorting colors, lines and shapes in such ways as to produce seemingly contradictory vibrating waves of energy.

Kwang Young Chun is orchestrating thousands of units to produce variations of surface texture and composition. 

Margaret Evangeline’s paintings are a result of devotion to the vulnerabilities of the discovery process, of finding one’s way to significant content through maintaining a stance of openness to failure.

Christian Faur creates computer systems that convert code into an infinite set of possibilities of color, pattern, and tonality.  His unique crayon process suggests element from both high and low culture.

Paul Glabicki’s LIGHT drawing series explores notion of light in a variety of form, context, symbol, signification and association.

Will Kurtz magically transforms newspaper applied in a spontaneous painterly fashion to reflect the mood and life of the individual.

Blanche Nettles Powers’ surface appears to be an even translucent layer, but in reality is comprised of hundreds of different sized strokes and markings.

Jim Toia  takes advantage of the way in which mushrooms drop their spores, corralling them to make incredibly complex visual networks of swirling, twisting, and indefinable imagery.

Susan Wides’ new work invites us to come alive to vision as a kind of inventiveness, an integrative faculty that, moment by moment, connects us to our surroundings and, ultimately, to one another.  –Carter Ratcliff from the essay Susan Wides: Seeing Seen


Upcoming Exhibition
Christian Faur
September 07 - October 21, 2017