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Current Exhibition
Sequential Abstraction
November 20 - December 31, 2014

artists in order of image sequence:  Joanne Leah, Diane Samuels, Ralph Bernabei, Blanche Nettles Powers, Macyn Bolt, Sydney Blum, Jim Toia, Jeff Doran, Gerald Wolfe, Paul Glabicki, Peter O’Kennedy, Moon Beom

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition Sequential Abstraction, works by twelve gallery artists. Several artists start with a systematic approach, a fuzzy logic, resulting in artwork created and constructed by their imposing algorithm. Others use imagery that borders on the recognizable to create a narrative. While some relish in unpredictable encounters.

Sydney Blum’s “Fuzzy Geometry” and Jeff Doran’s “suspended assembly” define space within concentrated dimensions, creating ordered and increasingly focused energy with an intrinsic symmetry. Ralph Bernabei’s “Wrapped Volumes” stretches the paint beyond a two-dimensional plane searching for transendence through transcending, Whereas, Macyn Bolt’s folded and distorted shapes create the illusion of depth, containing spatial tensions within their own borders.

Paul Glabicki’s “Relativity” drawings are a relentless accumulation of images, data, form and color progressively added in pairs – one element in relation and relative to another. Moon Beom’s rhythmic method of painting yields a distinct visual structure where abstraction and nature fluidly embrace, creating a visual synthesis of East and West. Gerald Wolfe’s “Variations Continued” combines the patchwork aspect of quilt making with the fluid, interwoven nature of Aramaic script. Diane Samuels’ “Mapping Sampsonia” redraws sections of an alley in front of her studio on handmade Abaca paper. Joanne Leah uses sequential photography to capture a moving image.

Peter O’Kennedy’s “Bumps and Scratches” is an ongoing photographic project that records imperfections in vehicles, caused by accidental collisions. Jim Toia and Blanche Nettles Powers choose to remove themselves from the art making process as much as possible. That is, they let chance mitigate outcome by leaving a great deal up to nature. Their manipulations combined with chance leads to surprising results. Only a few of their experiments pass their standards of approval.

Upcoming Exhibition
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