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Current Exhibition
Jacques Roch “Ma Jolie”
January 12 - February 09, 2019

Roch’s paintings told a narrative that came close to the edge of a nightmarish darkness, taking a last minute playful turn with sexual daydreams and humorous, childlike doodles. His motley crew of cartoon characters, repetitively applied through silkscreen, had a disruptive presence and was a prominent layer in his paintings, juxtaposed with strange parable like phrases. Roch’s use of acid hued color introduced light and space. He created a world where a host of tragicomic characters cavorted and conspired. These works were laden with psychic goodies, even if specific meanings eluded us.

Upcoming Exhibition
Verve – Evangeline, Faur, Glabicki, Moon, Mulcahy, Roch, White …
February 14 - March 16, 2019