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Current Exhibition
VERVE – B Nettles Powers, C Faur, J Leah, K Mulcahy, M Evangeline, S Chrysler White
February 21 - March 23, 2019

Kim Foster Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition titled “VERVE.” On view will be a dynamic 3D work by Susan Chrysler White, a bouquet of crayons by Christian Faur, love letters by Margaret Evangeline, a stiletto narrative by Joanne Leah, the ethereal by Blanche Nettles Powers, and jeweled glass by Kathleen Mulcahy.

Densely layered material speaks metaphorically to the layering of life in Susan Chrysler White’s hanging multicolored piece. The traces seen through the transparency of the material allude to the passage of time, fracturing and rebuilding of connections. Christian Faur recreates what is hidden from our visual perception by replacing the pixel with encaustic crayons. Colorful wax pixels are intricately hand assembled in hexagonal grids to recreate the illusion of peonies in sculptural form. Joanne Leah constructs narratives that takes the viewer on a mysterious trip through her surreal world. Her imagery was inspired by childhood memories, exploring themes of isolation, detachment and identity. Childhood memories inspired the camellia love letter series by Margaret Evangeline. The artist always knew that some day her mother’s garden would be an inspiration. We are built to understand the world through patterns of accidents, traces of memories and coincidences. Blanche Nettles Powers makes ethereal works of indefinable imagery. The surface appears to be an even translucent layer, but in reality is comprised of hundreds of different sized strokes and markings. Kathleen Mulcahy’s work conjures up the catchphrase “diamonds are forever,” but unlike diamonds, glass can be shattered. The work is the embodiment of all that came before, the trial and error, the techniques or invention. as it moves toward the idea of the sublime.


Upcoming Exhibition
Sydney Blum – Both Sides of the Sky
May 09 - June 08, 2019
Margaret Evangeline – The Otherness of Objects
March 28 - May 04, 2019