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Current Exhibition
Deborah G Nehmad “wasted”
April 09 - May 09, 2015

While visually stunning from a distance, the work addresses the issue of gun violence in America. Nehmad incorporates repetitive mark making to translate visually what cannot be adequately conveyed through the abstraction of the written language.

Nehmad’s drawing series “wasted” gradually reveals that nothing has changed in terms of gun violence in the US over the past decade. The burned holes in “wasted” and “wasted (ii)” represent the number of children and adults killed by guns in 2003 (left panel), 2004 (center panel) and 2005 (right panel). “Wasted (iii)” represents annual average gun fatalities for the period 2009 – 2013. The stitched red crosses represent homicides, the black x’s suicides and the burned holes left bare are accidents or of unknown intent. Casualties by police intervention are stitched over in red and black. The composition is configured from blood splatter patterns.

Upcoming Exhibition
Jacques Roch: “The Bridge”
May 19 - June 20, 2015