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Edge of Manhattan
September 08 - October 15, 2011

Press Release

MTA Arts for Transit installed a photography exhibit, “Edge of Manhattan,” at the Bowling Green 4/5 Station. The exhibit features the work of gallery artist Jay Fine, who focuses his lens on the sights and scenes of Lower Manhattan. “Taking advantage of a high-rise vantage point, he captures the shifting light and weather in New York Harbor. Fine showcases the sights of the water’s edge, from a marching band on a pier to a solitary walk along a cove, fireboats breaking up ice floes, and the Staten Island Ferry emerging from a wall of clouds.”

In 2003, Fine moved to Battery Park City and began an ongoing project to document his surroundings. Perched forty stories above the City, he could find drama or news by looking out his window. Everything from dramatic electrical storms (NY Harbor 9/22/10), to the errant use of Air Force One (Photo Op 2009), or the frightening echo of a mushroom cloud (Bayonne, NJ Monday Morning) were fodder for his camera.

He focused on the daily comings and goings of NY Harbor, recording the sublime beauty and dramatic weather before him. On each anniversary of 9/11, he would aim his lens to the sky to capture the memorial lights as they rose into the clouds. Whether shooting aerial landscapes from his window or photographing from the street, his goal was always to capture the changing environment of Lower Manhattan after 9/11.

Jay Fine’s photographs have appeared in newspapers, magazines, websites, and television including New York Daily News, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Popular Photography Magazine, ShortList Magazine, La Stampa (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), Aftenposten (Norway), as well as NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. His photo of NY Harbor 9/22/10 appears in the August 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

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