' Tillandsia Usneoides (Spanish moss) - Kim Foster Gallery
Tillandsia Usneoides (Spanish moss)
February 20 - March 22, 2014

Press Release

Fascinated by Savannah’s iconic and beloved Spanish moss, Nettles Powers’ imagery is a culmination of numerous years of examinations and experimentation with this profuse flowering plant. Using a restrained palette, she successfully conveys the animate quality of Spanish moss, forcing viewers to see this ubiquitous organic material from a fresh perspective. Drenched with india ink, moss is folded into sheets of unprimed canvas. The moss is discarded and the ink process repeated until a desired effect is achieved. Employing a poetic distortion of the media, Nettles Powers removes Savannah’s iconic plant from its familiar vertical pose, strung like frazzled tinsel on the limbs of live oaks.