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Jacques Roch
Ma Jolie – a retrospective
January 07 - February 09, 2019

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Jacques Roch’s paintings told a narrative that came close to the edge of a nightmarish darkness, taking a last minute playful turn with sexual daydreams and humorous, childlike doodles. His motley crew of cartoon characters, repetitively applied through silkscreen, had a disruptive presence and were a prominent layer in his paintings, juxtaposed with strange parable like phrases. Roch’s use of acid hued color introduced light and space, recalling the palletes of les fauves, Derain and early Matisse. Roch created a world where a host of tragicomic characters cavorted and conspired. These works were laden with psychic goodies, even if specific meanings eluded us.

Roch (1934-2015) was born in Lyon, France. After studying at the renown Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Roch first made a name for himself during the ’60s with his rebellious comic strips that populated Paris’ underground newspapers. In 1979 Roch moved to New York and began to concentrate on his painting. The intensity of street life and the culture of graffiti were new influences and he responded by developing a world of line drawn characters playing out their inner psychic tensions. Roch had his first show in New York in 1983, curated by Cathy Goncharov. This was followed by shows in the East Village. In 1990 Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo curated a survey show of his work at Exit Art. This show was the inspiration for an article by the art critic Robert C.Morgan,“After the Deluge, the Return of the Inner Directed Artist” published in 1992.

Ma Jolie – a retrospective will include works on paper from the 70s, paintings from the 80s and 90s.

Past Exhibitions




2019 / 2013 / 2011 / 2008 / 2005 / 2003 / 2001 / 1998 / 1996    Kim Foster Gallery, NYC

2013            Art 101, Brooklyn

2012            Plume 21, Seattle‘

2010            Galerie Carla Magna, Paris

2009            Side Show Gallery, Williamsburg, NY  with Tony Roch

1990            Exit Art, NYC ‘Ten Years of Painting in New York City’

1986            Howard Scott M-13 Gallery, NYC

1985            Exit Art, Ringside Gallery, NYC

1985            Facchetti-Burk Gallery, NYC

1976            Drian Galleries, London, England



2006       ‘Menage a Trois’ Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2005       ‘The Labyrinth’ Holland Tunnel Gallery, Paros-Greece

2004       ‘Christmas Show’ Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2003       ‘A Passion for Collecting: Selections from the Rothfeld Gift’ Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, PA

2003       ‘clear intentions’ The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY curated by Robert C. Morgan

2003       ‘Outside Harry’s House’ Zeeuwse Bibliotheek, Middelburg, Holland

2003       ‘Five Year Anniversary Show’ Holland Tunnel, NY

2001        ‘718 Brooklyn!’ curated by Michael Rush & Dominique Nahas, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, FL

2000       ‘The Figure: Another Side of Modernism, Paintings from 1950 to the Present,’ Snug Harbor Cultural Center curated by Lilly Wei

1999        Center for Metamedia, Hermit Foundation, Czech Republic

1999        New Tide, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

1998        Mega Salon, Portrait Show, Tod Jorgensen Gallery, New York

1998        White Box Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1998        Un Coup de des Varik Gallery, New York

1998        Side Show Gallery, Works on Paper, Williamsburg, NY

1998        Chi Meat, Williamsburg, New York

1997        Year End Ensemble, Watercolors by Jacques Roch, Williamsburg Art Center, NY

1996        Chi Meat, Williamsburg, New York

1995        Pick Four, Kim Foster Gallery, NYC

1995        Trans-Hudson Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

1995        Perogi 2000 at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NYC

1994        Symbolic Surface, Klarfeld Perry Gallery curated by Robert Morgan, NYC

1994        Drop Dead Painting curated by John Ford, NYC

1994        Private Obsessions, Lorraine Kessler Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY

1994        Selection of Artists from Art Omi Colony, Lorraine Kessler Gallery

1993        Art Omi Colony, Omi, NY

1993        The Sublime Banana Peel, B4A Gallery, NY

1991        Burning in Hell, Franklin Furnace, NYC

1990       International Prints Show, Holland Tunnel, Paris traveled to Greece

1986       Trans Cultural Trans Media, Exit Art, NYC

1986       Consensus, Exit Art, NYC

1985       Selections by Kay Larson, Artist Space, NYC

1985       Five French Artist Living in New York, French Embassy, NYC

1984       Proctor Art Center, Bard College, Annandale on Hudson, NY

1984       Five Artists, Galerie Paul Facchetti, Zurich, Switzerland

1984       East of East Village, Dramatis Personae Gallery, NYC

1984       Erotic Fan Show, Jon Leon Gallery, NYC

1983       Window Installation, French Tourist Bureau, NYC

1983       Just Above Midtown, Downtown, NYC

1981        Recent Abstraction, Proctor Art Center, Bard College, Annandale on Hudson, NY

1977        Maison de la Culture, Des Amandiers, Paris, France

1975        Artistes du 20eme Arrondissement, Paris, France

1965        Salon Scheme, Paris, France



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1976         Mosaic on Cement Forms, College of Belfort, Belfort, France

1976         Painted Sculpture, College of Brive, Brive LaGaillarde, France

1971          Mural Painting/Family Crests, Salon de The, Chateau de Brreteuil, Valle de Chevreuse.

1970         Mosaic, College de Tours, Tours, France

1968         Sculpture photographed for promotion by Air France, Paris, France

1967         Mural Painting, Social Security Building, Charieville, France

1966         Mosaic, College Aulnay Sous Bois, Paris, France



1971           Paris Ville Peige book of drawings, Published by A Balland, Paris, France

1973-77      Comics and drawings published in “Pilote,” “Charlie Mensuel,” “Hara Kiri,” “Pourquoi,” Paris, France

1978-80     Comics Published in “Playboy,” “Heavy Metal,” “The New York Times,” NYC

1999          The Dream of the Unicorn, book of drawings with text.

2001          Good Heavens! erotic pasta & fruity salad cookbook, published by Holland Tunnel Art Project



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