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Four floor relief sculptural commission by Will Kurtz installed at STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL  on January 11, 2019.

Participating in CONTEXT art miami 2018 : Booth C124 Kim Foster Dec. 4 – Dec. 9, 2018

ARTNET NEWS Editors’ Picks: Things to See in New York This Week  Dan Hernandez March 5, 2018

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Artist Dan Hernandez creates intricate tableaux that blend religious iconography with the contemporary visual language of video games, two genres which somehow collapse seamlessly together in farcical send-ups of culture and society.

LEHMAN COLLEGE ART GALLERY “Tick Tock: Time in Contemporary Art” Feb 20 – May 5, 2018 includes artwork by Paul Glabicki

BROOKLYN RAIL February 08,2018 by Hearne Pardee Susan Wides: this:seasons

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Just as Impressionists brought viewers into contact with the reception of light in the eye, Susan Wides immerses them in the more active process of focus. The apparently stable, seamless visual field is just a convenient fiction: our eyes, in conjunction with other senses, are actually in constant motion…

ARTNET NEWS February 05, 2018 This Artist Collected 300 of Trump’s Most Egregious Tweets and Turned Them Into a Party of Pecking Birds

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The individual “twits” by Deborah G Nehmad are arranged chronologically and grouped together in a form that resembles a migration pattern. Through it, a narrative emerges, painting a picture of the man behind the impetuous language. Adding to the visual metaphor are tweets that are positioned beak-to-beak for when the messages contradict each other…

MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX has acquired September 3, 2016_11:02:10 by Susan Wides for their Photography Department. 

LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA has acquired Possible Worlds #9021, 2014 by Moon Beom for their Korean Art Department.  

WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY, Elaine Jacob Gallery, Detroit, Mi   

HUMAN/NATURE selections from the Kim Foster Gallery, curated by Juana Williams

January 19 through March 23, 2018

HUMAN/NATURE features works by the following gallery artists: Moon Beom, Sydney Blum, Margaret Evangeline, Christian Faur, Paul Glabicki, Dan Hernandez, Antonio Petracca, Jim Toia, Susan Chrysler White, and Susan Wides.

Each artist in the exhibition examines the collective, incessant journey toward decoding the details of the relationship between humans and nature, and how humans are organically drawn to consider this connection. Exploring natural elements through the senses is a universal characteristic that embeds individuals into the culture of humanity. As one navigates personal experiences, narratives are created through representations that rely on being aware of the surrounding world, and positioning oneself within it. Because of the unending quest for understanding, many interact with environments through visualization, manipulation, and even attempts to master nature. Through personal interaction, the innate human response to create is realized.

WALL STREET INTERNATIONAL January 17, 2018 by Daniel Gauss Trump’s Life without Art

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Deborah G. Nehmad has a show currently at Kim Foster Gallery in which she has collected and graphically represents numerous tweets from President Trump. Each tweet reflects what most of us who love art have aspired to overcome – human life at its most base, arbitrary and unexamined.

The tweets reveal Trump as someone with no capacity or desire for self-examination or self-control. This is a life without art and without the underlying impetus that drives many of us to art – to better understand ourselves and our world to ensure that we can rise above the random and arbitrary; to develop meaning and work toward humane change in ourselves, others and the world. His tweets displayed by Nehmad are works of art about a life devoid of art and what one is left with in its absence…


Installed a permanent suspended 3D installation at the lobby of Art Place / Fort Totten, Washington, D.C. (2017)

Christian Faur


Participating in  “Hello City!” at the DAEJEON MUSEUM OF ART, South Korea, (June – Oct, 2017)


The HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART has acquired her artworks Wasted and Wasted II, May 2017.

Solo exhibition at HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART “Wasted” (Jan 29 – May 8, 2016)

PAUL GLABICKI : link to Interview with Paul Glabicki

Screening at TATE MODERN “Independent Frames- American Experimental Animations 1970s & 1980s” Feb 2017

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link to Canadian TV News: Sydney Blum at Saks 5th Avenue


New Saks Fifth Avenue Men Store, Brookfield Place

link to Antonio Petracca article in Huffington Post November 2016 


2 person exhibit at WESTMORELAND MUSEUM “Opposites Attract: Kathleen Mulcahy and Sylvester Damianos”  (Nov 5, 2016 – Feb 5, 2017)


participating in EVERHART MUSEUM “Wolves, Magic Mirrors & Spinning Wheels: The Anatomy of Fairy Tales”

(July 15 – Dec 31, 2016)


participating in ART SOUTHAMPTON “Call of the Wild” curator Brooke Shields and David Kratz 2016    

participating in PORTAL ART FAIR at Federal Building (May 2016)

New York Times article featuring Kurtz

participating in “The Art of Now” Curator, Betty Levin HEARST TOWER (Jan – Sept, 2016)

solo exhibit “Extra! Extra! See All About It.” Curator, Vida Sabbaghi PORT AUTHORITY TERMINAL TIMES SQUARE (Dec, 2015 – Jan, 2016)

Link to Good Day NY Fox 5 Will Kurtz


solo exhibit “From Here to Emergency: A Career Overview” NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM (Sept – Dec, 2015)

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WILL KURTZ :  Pardon the Interruption, Please

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Artnet Interview with Will Kurtz

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Walking on Delicate Glass


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DAVID MCQUEEN   : A Once Imagined Ocean…

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SYDNEY BLUM  : Fuzzy Geometry

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PAUL GLABICKI  : Relativity

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MOON BEOM : Secret Garden

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