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Stan Smokler
Celestial Mapmaker
June 07 - July 03, 2008

Press Release

Stan Smokler has always remained true to his origins as a welder inspired by minimalism and the large scale abstract metal compositions that evolved out of the work of David Smith and Anthony Caro. Out of these sources, however, Smokler developed a vocabulary unmistakably his own. There is frequently an element of whimsy in his work, which defies its origins. Therein lies the magic of his sculpture. It does not take itself too seriously.

A scavenger of discarded objects of our urban culture, Smokler gathers relics and reworks the material into steel assemblages. His work often makes reference to geography, history and the stars. In the latest series of sculptures, he has decided to concentrate on cartography to make a commentary on his own age. For him, maps are symbols that represent a way to record one’s self in time. He contrasts textures, line, and form with humorous anecdotes. These works are a kind of playful yet sophisticated meditation for the artist that reflects upon his own age and transient existence in the universe.

Stan Smokler teaches Three-Dimensional Design at DCAD. Born in the Bronx, NY, Stan received his BA from the University of Pittsburgh and his MFA from Pratt Institute in New York. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, and his sculptures are in many major collections.

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