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Current Exhibition
Insalata Mista
July 09 - August 03, 2019

Celebrating twenty five years of summer exhibitions, Insalata Mista is a refreshing mixture of paintings, sculpture  and drawings. We have mixed it up with a potpourri of artworks that includes: a topography map by Paul Glabicki, peppermint crayons by Christian Faur,  mirror polished gunshot works by Margaret Evangeline, a Byzantine video game by Dan Hernandez, a climatic abstraction by Susan Chrysler White, a secret garden by Moon Beom, an architectonic work by Antonio Petracca, Icarus-Colour-Space by Sydney Blum and a fantastic lucid dream by Shigeru Oyatani.    

Upcoming Exhibition
Paul Glabicki – Land and Scene
September 05 - October 12, 2019
Blanche Nettles Powers – Billie
October 17 - November 16, 2019