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Current Exhibition
Dan Hernandez | Reset
February 20 - March 28, 2020

Gallery is open by appointment only in light of the progression of COVID-19 and New York guidance on public spaces. While the exhibition is temporarily closed, we are pleased to present images online. 


link to exhibition video

Early video game consoles were designed with a “RESET” button. This feature allowed the user to reboot the console’s software. While it was not the intent, the “reset” button on Hernandez’ Nintendo Entertainment System often got used as a release of frustration. His finger would jam the reset in a fit of annoyance at losing a precious life, or at missing an important weapon or power up, early on in a game.

The four new narrative works in this series were influenced by various pictorial genres, including early Christian painting and illuminations, medieval maps, Islamic Art and Indian Miniatures. Two distinct philosophies were employed in the creation of the works – both of which are commonly used in video games. The first is an “open-world” or “sandbox” philosophy. In this approach the player (or viewer) has complete freedom to explore within the boundaries of the provided world. Games like this often include narratives, but it is up to the player whether or not, or how, the narrative is followed. The second philosophy is a more rigid linear approach. In this scenario the player (or viewer) has some autonomy in his/her movement through the world, but ultimately must follow a predetermined path from start to finish. The recent works by Dan Hernandez draw from role-playing video games (RPGs) like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. They are also a nod to arcade button-mashers like Gauntlet and to the many maze-based games of early gaming history like Pac-Man, Maze Craze or Adventure. The Sims is another important influence.

The three more abstract paintings in the RESET series are less grounded and toy box like in nature. In a toy box one finds items that are used to create imaginary worlds mixed freely together without regard to narrative structure or context. In these works, fragments from the artist’s digital archive of appropriated imagery from art history, video games and cartoons, some of which have been used in previous paintings, are piled together in non-narrative compositions. The order in these works is more intuitive and draws on an internal sense of design. The source material includes objects and characters from cartoons like He-Man, She-Ra, Blackstar and Conan the Adventurer, as well as from a multitude of side scrolling beat-em-up games, competitive fighting games, and RPGs. They also include imagery from similar art historical references that were used in the narrative works.

RESET alternates between the narrative and the abstract. While being distinctly different, these two artistic styles are complementary. They are two sides of the same coin, yin and yang, set and reset.


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