' Kathryn Siegler Talking Pictures at Kim Foster Gallery
Talking Pictures
May 02 - June 08, 2013

Talking Pictures

Press Release

Kathryn Siegler’s acute observation, laser focus, and healthy appreciation of irony, illuminate and transform discarded objects of the past, imbuing them with meaning and substance for a contemporary viewer. Classic black and white films, typography, vintage packaging and neon signs combine to form her muse. Though Kathryn Siegler is a painter with a thoroughly modern American perspective, much of the artist’s imagery focuses on subjects that invoke the past.

“I use what seem to be innocent vintage objects to send contemporary, sometimes ironic, societal messages. I appreciate the quality of the packaging and the artistry of design in these everyday objects and signs, the humor and wit in the product names and copy, all of which were meant to be consumed and discarded. But when the objects are isolated and showcased, people see them in a completely different light and they take on whole new meanings, multiple meanings, and manipulated meanings. My mission is to seduce viewers with the details and create a visual dialogue with my work.”

With a deft hand, Siegler employs transparent paint layers to achieve the luminosity in her work. She creates mood, depth, and meticulous details which give her objects their unique identity. Like the many layers in her paint, she also employs layers of meaning in the objects that she chooses. The multifaceted text found within these subjects, combined with dramatic light and shadow, serve to communicate her seductive, thought provoking, skillfully composed paintings.

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