' TWIT Deborah G. Nehmad tweets and gun violence
January 11 - February 17, 2018



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 The installation and mixed media works by Deborah G. Nehmad, addresses two of the most disquieting issues confronting America today, the President’s verbal incontinence and gun violence. 

The installation surrounds the viewer with over 300 of Trump’s divisive tweets, issued both before and after he became President, stamped on handmade orange/yellow paper.  Contradictory twits will lock beaks.  Tweets criticizing the previous President are amazingly prescient descriptors of Trump’s actions and behavior in office.

In the second 12 months following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 137 children aged 10 and under either shot themselves or another child or were shot by an adult.    The 12 visually compelling needlepoints comprising “what’s wrong with this country? – the next 12 months” break down these statistics on a monthly basis which can be read with a QR code reader downloaded to a smart phone.

In “old glory?”, Nehmad hand stitches the number of average yearly deaths from gun violence in America from 2014 – 2016 as the stripes of an American flag –  7 stripes comprised of black x’s representing suicides, 6 stripes of red crosses representing homicides.  The 51 “ stars” are presented as black and white targets burned with holes representing the number of deaths in mass murders over the past 25 years for each individual state and the District of Columbia. While stunning from a distance, the patterns of holes and stitches convey a powerful, poignant symbolism, functioning as catalogues of tragedy.

This is Nehmad’s second solo exhibition at the Kim Foster Gallery.


artnet news Partner Content February 5, 2018 

This Artist Collected 300 of Trump’s Most Egregious Tweets and Turned Them into a Party of Pecking Birds

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The individual tweets are arranged chronologically and grouped together in a form that resembles a migration pattern. Through it, a narrative emerges, painting a picture of the man behind the impetuous language. Adding to the visual metaphor are tweets that are positioned beak-to-beak for when the messages contradict each other..


WALL STREET INTERNATIONAL January 17, 2018 by Daniel Gauss

Trump’s Life without Art

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Deborah G. Nehmad has a show currently at Kim Foster Gallery in which she has collected and graphically represents numerous tweets from President Trump. Each tweet reflects what most of us who love art have aspired to overcome – human life at its most base, arbitrary and unexamined.

The tweets reveal Trump as someone with no capacity or desire for self-examination or self-control. This is a life without art and without the underlying impetus that drives many of us to art – to better understand ourselves and our world to ensure that we can rise above the random and arbitrary; to develop meaning and work toward humane change in ourselves, others and the world. His tweets displayed by Nehmad are works of art about a life devoid of art and what one is left with in its absence…


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