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Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification Learn
January 01 - January 01, 1970

Once you have a command of the basics, such as TCP/IP protocols and network services, you might opt to specialize. This is particularly true if your company focuses on a particular vendor, such as Juniper Networks or SolarWinds. However, more generic bodies of knowledge, such as troubleshooting with Wireshark or managing wireless networks, are also important. Consider supplementing CompTIA Network+ and CCNA certifications with the following choices. To become a network engineer, you need a degree or certification to attest to your ability.

  • It aligns with IT job roles such as systems administrator, security administrator, network engineer and junior IT auditor/penetration tester.
  • A senior network engineer’s average salary is $106,494 whereas network engineers make an average salary of $83,557.
  • No IT pro’s resume is complete without at least a couple of certifications.
  • Likely job roles for certified CompTIA Network+ candidates include networking team members, those looking to move up on or from the help desk and entry-level network administrators.
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Certificate-holders can qualify for jobs like network engineer (entry-level), network administrator, help desk technician, and network support technician. Any company that uses computers is liable to need networking professionals. If you want to enter the field, starting in an entry-level IT role like a help desk technician can be your first step. You can use an entry-level IT credential like the CompTIA A+ to prepare.

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From there, you might choose to specialize in networks and become a network administrator. You can also choose to become a network engineer or a network architect. Whether you’re looking for an IT certification or want to take a few networking courses, NexGenT training can help you develop networking skills to boost your career.

Cisco DevNet supports developers and IT individuals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. This course will cover functionality , setup, configuration, troubleshooting and Failover of Cisco ASA Firewall… Networking course with socket programming concepts in depth with TCP/UDP/HTTP Socket Programming for beginners to how to become a windows network engineer expert… WIT is an international non-profit organization that aims to close the gender gap and help women embrace technology. Every organization with a complex IT infrastructure needs a Network Engineer, and the field is growing rapidly to match the pace of technological innovation. Network Engineers observe and troubleshoot their systems to keep them running smoothly.

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Unfortunately, there’s no definitive list of top network engineer certifications. So, the choice of which one to pursue largely depends on where you are in your career and where you want to go. Experienced professionals are likely to value a specialization track, while people starting out in this field will opt for an entry-level option that covers network engineering fundamentals. This certification helps network professionals understand and keep their organizations secure and connected.

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