' Roger Preston
Roger Preston
Portals And Tempests
May 31 - June 30, 2018

Press Release

The force and unrelenting urgency of the sea is the inspiration for Roger Preston’s first solo show at the Kim Foster Gallery in Chelsea, titled “Portals and Tempests.”

The multifaceted nature of the ocean with its ability to calm the soul and yet devastate entire land masses is both fascinating and humbling. Its beauty and strength are simultaneously represented in these oil/mixed media works on aluminum that bring together the conflicting hard surface of the metal with the lush impressionistic images of water and sky. The panel shapes reference history in the silhouettes of shields, looking glass frames or ideas about containment, while also creating windows or portals to another place or state of mind as they present a passage of escape, yet offer the threat of submergence and suffocation with the freedom they promise.

In the show, as well, are pure abstractions, also in metal, that collide with each other in a dramatic battle of supremacy – ships battling at sea, barnacles attaching themselves in parasitic fashion, suns and moons ablaze.


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Past Exhibitions


Born in North Carolina. Studied art from an early age gathering knowledge and imagery that carried into many fields of the creative working world. Now exploring merging of the graphic, commercial and fine art worlds to make a resolved whole.


BFA Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

Professional Experience

•Fine artist and photographer exhibited and sold nationally

•Regional Visual Director/ Art Acquisitions, Saks Fifth Avenue, NY

•Muralist and Decorative Painter

Self created buisness. Involved in the design and execution of home wall and furniture decoration.

•Visual Merchandising Business

A design, display and installation business catering to luxury retail companies.

Clients include Hermes of Paris, Tiffany & Co., Monte Blanc and Bulgari

Solo Exhibitions

2018  “Portals and Tempests,” Kim Foster Gallery, NY

2017  “Portals and Tempests,” Saks Fifth Avenue , NY

2003  Festival For The Arts, Alexandria, VA

2003  Montgomery County Arts Festival, Silver Spring, MD

2003  Neimen Marcus, Mclean, VA

2003  Maison 14, Washington, DC

2002-03  Hermes, Venna, VA, Boston, MA, King of Prussia, PA, Atlanta, GA

1999  Neimen Marcus, Mclean, VA

1996-98  Tiffany & Co. Vienna, VA, Chevy Chase, MD, Philadelphia, PA

Group Shows

2018  Bombay Sapphire Artisian Series, White Space Gallery, NY

2016  “Art of the Boros,” Denise Bibro Gallery, NY

2007  “The Artist’s Eye,” The Bodies Exhibition, Las Vegas, NV

2007  Contemporary Arts Collective, Las Vegas, NV

2006  Contemporary Arts Collective, Las Vegas, NV

2006  Smithsonian affiliate: Las Vegas Art Museum, NV

2003  Zenith Gallary, Washington, DC.

1999  Steamboat Fine Art League, Steamboat, CO